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Welcome to my world, where family and fun is the highest priority for me.  There have been a lot of changes over the last couple years, but I still live to have fun and enjoy life.  Here is it, the year 2014, and I am still right here in Nashua NH with my beautiful wife Susan, and my son Ben.  We are still living in the house that we have been in since 1995, and are heading to the future of whatever comes our way...


What's New:

Going on 3 years of married life to my wonderful partner Susan.  Still here in Nashua but am looking forward to planning the retirement life.  Can't retire yet, but planning must be done years in advance.  Susan and I are in that mode and look forward to whatever it may look like.  By the time we retire we would like to be in the place where we can just sit back and enjoy family and grand children.

Where am I going:

Looks like my retirement profession will be running a small to medium recording studio.  I love to capture the sound of others, and have been known to add vocals and percussion to the music that I do record.  Still have many years until that time, but in the process of looking forward and will be ready when the time comes.  Check out my professional website at mlcrecording.com.

As I do not update my page very often, feel free to contact me to see what I am really up to when you get to this page.  As this site is about family, feel free to look around and enjoy the wonderful growing family that I have here.


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